Who’s stopping by?

WordPress gives some statistics (like google analytics but faster and less creepy) about who’s visiting the site from where. Here’s a map of the last 24 hours or so:

Traffic on 2019-02-17

It’s really interesting to me that France is ahead of the US for visits today, and that Japan is number three. In the last few days, Europe has been ahead of North America, and visits from Asia have been quite close to, or slightly ahead of, North America. (The traffic from France led me to search for articles from France, and sure enough, there have ben a lot of posts in the last few days; see today’s media summary.)

I’m also intrigued by the traffic from South Africa and Brazil. My personal goal for this project is to get real computers in the hands of people who otherwise could never afford it: not for YouTube and entertainment, but rather for productivity apps. You can’t write a paper on a smart phone, or create any other kind of text-heavy content.

After we get a week or so of data, I’ll publish my spreadsheet so people can poke around in the information for themselves.

What do you think? Any surprises here for you? Any ideas on how to stimulate traffic from other areas?

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