Media Coverage 2019-02-17

Here’s today’s round-up: seven posts and probably more that I didn’t notice., in Mandarin Chinese

Step by step instructions for using the WoR installer to set up a system. Used the WoR approach. The file names in the screenshot are a little worrying as the driver files seem to be from September, and the screen doesn’t show the step of adding the USB drivers. But maybe that’s just the file name.


This is an interesting use case: using the Raspberry Pi as a low-power download engine for Steam games. I hadn’t thought of that, but it’s true, there are probably numerous use cases like this (cloud backup, local file caching, etc.) where performance is not critical but compatibility is.

Like many early posts, these both use the complicated setup procedure. Since the USB driver downloads serve as a landing page, I updated that page to also give instructions for the WoA download.

Overseas and older posts

Puzzled by the traffic we’re seeing from France (#1 in the world!), I decided to do an advanced Google search. I found lots of articles.

01net: Vous pouvez désormais installer Windows 10 sur un Raspberry Pi, by Geoffroy Ondet

Points to the WoA installer, and to our hub.

Begeek: Il est possible de faire tourner Windows 10 sur un Raspberry pi 3!

Top-level analysis, not so much of a maker piece. But goes into details and links to github.

Géneration Nouvelles Technologies: Windows 10 sur Raspberry Pi 3, c’est désormais possible!

Pictures of working systems plus links to github. Un Raspberry Pi sous Windows 10: c’est désormais possible

Analysis, pictures of working systems, links to github.

Windows Latest

Posted on the same day we released the drivers. So everyone there was handicapped by the difficult early install. Got picked up by several other sites.

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