More statistics

Two charts today. First a chart of the views by country since February 15. (To make it easier to read, I’ve arbitrarily cut off at the countries with more than 100 views.)

Countries with more than 100 views, in descending order of number of views

The geographic distribution is really interesting; the top 22 countries include six continents: Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania.

More interesting, suppose we normalize by population, and rank by views per million of population:

Countries with more than 100 views, and views per million population

Interesting. In this view, many countries have more interest than the US. Netherlands is at the top of the rankings; Austria is second, Switzerland third, France drops to fourth, Canada jumps up to fifth. The US is in 13th place, basically the middle of the pack, and not much ahead of Poland and South Africa.

Where are people interested?

It’s interesting to look at the statistics for who’s visiting over time.

Here’s a heat-map for visits since February 15:

Heat map of visits since 2-15

It’s not obvious from the map, but both Europe and Asia are ahead of North America for total visits.

Here’s how the % share of visits by region have trended over time:

Relative share of visits

New Video 2019-02-21

Don Hui/NovaspiritTech posted a new video of booting Win10 ARM64 on a Pi3 from an SSD. Very nice! (Thanks for mentioning MCCI and ]The Things Network New York]( Some good benchmarks. It’s clear that for some use cases, with some tuning, this is not an entirely a crazy idea.

Thanks, Don!

WOA Deployer (AKA WoA Installer 2.0) has been released!

I’m proud to announce the first public release of WOA Deployer for Raspberry Pi. I’ve been working hard to bring it to you, dear community. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The main features are:

  • No More Core Packages® This means that you will not have to worry about them. Everything is downloaded fresh. You’ll get all the goodness automatically.
  • New compressed deployment option. It allows your Windows installation to be compressed and save space on your SD Card.
  • All disks are now shown in the Drive Selection. You can use an SSD if you wish

You can check for releases here:

NOTICE: As you may already have guessed, WoA Installer has been replaced by WOA Deployer, so it’s now deprecated. I recommend you to use WOA Deployer for all your deployments from now on ?

How-to: Installing Windows 10 ARM64 (WOA) on your Raspberry Pi 3

Currently, there are 2 tools that will help you with this task.

WOA Deployer for Raspberry Pi 

This tool has been designed with simplicity in mind. It just works®

Recommended if you don’t want to worry about drivers, UEFI and other advanced options. It will do everything for you. You just only have to select the driver where you SD Card is located, select the .wim file of your Windows Image and click Deploy. Nothing more. Simple, isn’t it?

Windows on Raspberry imager

This tool offers different configuration options, it’s multi-language and allows you to customize the deployment, selecting drivers, and UEFI, and it allows to use .iso files directly. Recommended for advanced users.

There’s a logo… and a discourse site

We now have a Discourse-based discussion site, It turns out that discourse’s design really strongly encourages you to have logos and various graphic elements. So, we have one:

The logo…

It’s an obvious design — a combination of the Windows 8 window-pane logo and the Pi color, and a bit of rounding of the edges. The font for the logotype, following that idea, is “All Round Gothic”. Let us know what you think. The other volunteers are not responsible for this, and haven’t even had a chance to review, so … it might change. (People with actual design skills are welcome to offer improvements.)

And.. I started a topic at to cover the progress on the USB drivers:

Hello world!

Welcome to, the blog and software distribution site for drivers for Windows 10 ARM64 on the Raspberry Pi. We’ll be posting drivers here that are not part of the commercial distribution from Microsoft, notably MCCI‘s DWCOTGHCD.SYS USB drivers, instructions for getting started, and more.

Who we are

This site is the effort of a group of volunteers (masthead) who have donated time to produce the software and information you find here. MCCI Corporation is providing hosting for the site in order to provide a central place to find things, but MCCI is otherwise not involved with or responsible for this site.