Media Coverage 2019-02-18

A new deployment video for booting from SSD. Plus several articles from Japan.


Anthony Talerico: How to install Windows 10 and run an SSD on the Raspberry Pi 3

A half-hour, detailed step-by-step on setting up a Pi 3 to boot Windows from a USB SSD.

Some Posts from Japan

There has been a lot of interest in Japan; so we’ve collected a few of the posts.

togetter: Windows 10 runs on a Raz-Pi 3, by Oskana Taro

This is a how-to, stepping people through the process of doing a WoA install (prior to V2). 24,000 views, 130+ tweets, similar number of shares on other social media. Wow.

Gigazine: Anyone can easily install 64-bit ARM version of Windows 10 to Raspberry Pi 3

Shorter, more new and analysis. Lots of Facebook shares. Installing Windows 10 on ARM: Successful but not Easy

He’s right, it wasn’t easy when he did it — he did it with the very early tools. It’s getting better and will get better yet. (Bless him, he mentioned MCCI.) Troubles and countermeasures when inserting Windows 10 on ARM into Raspai

Lots more detail on low-level sysadmin things — worth glancing at if you’re having troubles, even if you have to use machine translation.

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