Media Coverage 2019-02-23 posted again, this time describing how to boot from USB SSD or HDD. ラズパイでWindows10 on ARMを動かす(上級者向けUSBブート編) — translates as "Running Windows 10 on ARM at Raspai (Advanced USB Boot Edition)". Very careful, step-by-step procedure for doing the installation.

INpact-hardware posted about the project. Comment installer Windows 10 on ARM sur un Raspberry Pi 3 (microSD et USB) — translates as "How to install Windows 10 on ARM on a Raspberry Pi 3 (microSD and USB)". Most of the article is behind a paywall, but will be freely available in 30 days.

Update 2019-02-24: fix typo for INpact hardware, add note about their access policy.

Notable Replies

  1. So many languages and countries! This is all because of your USB drivers. I know we have an awesome community and that we wouldn’t be here without everyone, but you really helped this to take off. Thank you sir!

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